I am using Android Studio on OS X. I am getting this error message:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':app:preDexDebug'. com.android.ide.common.internal.LoggedErrorException: Failed to run command: /Applications/Android Studio.app/sdk/build-tools/android-4.4W/dx --dex --output /Users/alex/AndroidStudioProjects/SilentSMS/app/build/intermediates/pre-dexed/debug/android-4.3_r2.1-f22bbff4d1017230e169a4844a9c2195f13060d2.jar /Users/alex/AndroidStudioProjects/SilentSMS/app/libs/android-4.3_r2.1.jar

    Error Code: 3 Output:

  java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.RopperMachine.getSources(RopperMachine.java:665)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.RopperMachine.run(RopperMachine.java:288)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.Simulator$SimVisitor.visitLocal(Simulator.java:612)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.BytecodeArray.parseInstruction(BytecodeArray.java:412)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.Simulator.simulate(Simulator.java:94)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.Ropper.processBlock(Ropper.java:782)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.Ropper.doit(Ropper.java:737)
      at com.android.dx.cf.code.Ropper.convert(Ropper.java:346)
      at com.android.dx.dex.cf.CfTranslator.processMethods(CfTranslator.java:282)
      at com.android.dx.dex.cf.CfTranslator.translate0(CfTranslator.java:139)
      at com.android.dx.dex.cf.CfTranslator.translate(CfTranslator.java:94)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.processClass(Main.java:682)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.processFileBytes(Main.java:634)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.access$600(Main.java:78)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main$1.processFileBytes(Main.java:572)
      at com.android.dx.cf.direct.ClassPathOpener.processArchive(ClassPathOpener.java:284)
      at com.android.dx.cf.direct.ClassPathOpener.processOne(ClassPathOpener.java:166)
      at com.android.dx.cf.direct.ClassPathOpener.process(ClassPathOpener.java:144)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.processOne(Main.java:596)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.processAllFiles(Main.java:498)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.runMonoDex(Main.java:264)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.run(Main.java:230)
      at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.main(Main.java:199)
      at com.android.dx.command.Main.main(Main.java:103)

I am using this library:


I pulled the JAR file and added it to my project - the project I am trying to build is:


I understand it is because my xms and xmx values are too low. I increased them in:

/Applications/Android Studio.app/bin/idea.vmoptions so that it now says:


However, I still get the error. What could this be caused by? Apart from the silentSMS app being an Eclipse project and me porting the code over to Android Studio I haven't changed anything. In terms of Android Studio spotting errors - it doesn't, and everything else looks fine.


I think there's a separate way to raise the heap limit of the dexing operation. Add this to your android closure in your build.gradle file:

dexOptions {
    javaMaxHeapSize "4g"

and see if that helps.

(idea courtesy of this answer from Scott Barta)

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    4g is a bit overkill, 2g is ok – Hugo Gresse Sep 14 '15 at 11:58
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    Fantastic! This also fixed my error. I find that the more memory I give it, the fast the build goes. I went from over 1 min to 19 sec. – Simon Sep 15 '15 at 20:06
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    I still get the error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded [org.gradle.api.internal.project.ant.AntLoggingAdapter] at java.util.BitSet.clone – IgorGanapolsky Aug 17 '16 at 14:57
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    I have added this, but I still see OutOfMemoryError – Chad Bingham Aug 20 '16 at 22:10
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    didn't work for me, needed to up in gradle.properties: org.gradle.jvmargs=-XX:MaxPermSize=1024m -Xms1024m -Xmx4096m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=1024m – hmac Feb 28 at 21:28

In my case, to increase the heap-size looks like this:

Using Android Studio 1.1.0

android {
    dexOptions {
        incremental true
        javaMaxHeapSize "2048M"

Put the above code in your Build.gradle file.

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    this worked to overcome GC overhead limit exceeded after I enabled Multidexing. The exception was in at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.runMultiDex(Main.java:334) – Someone Somewhere Apr 2 '15 at 0:24
  • can you put here whole error code ?? – Dhruv Raval Apr 2 '15 at 5:20
  • this isn't going to be pretty as a comment, but the Android Studio error showed ` UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL ERROR: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded` The location of exception was at at com.android.dx.util.FixedSizeList.<init>(FixedSizeList.java:38) and top of stack was com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.runMultiDex(Main.java:334) at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.run(Main.java:244) at com.android.dx.command.dexer.Main.main(Main.java:215) at com.android.dx.command.Main.main(Main.java:106) – Someone Somewhere Apr 2 '15 at 18:07
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    But as soon as I added you suggested javaMaxHeapSize and incremental parameters, Android Studio was able to build the multi-dexed app. – Someone Somewhere Apr 2 '15 at 18:08
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    Thanks. Notice what the docs say about incremental: This has many limitations and may not work. Use carefully. – Ferran Maylinch Sep 15 '15 at 11:42

This new issue is caused by the latest version of Android.

Go to your project root folder, open gradle.properties, and add the following options:


org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8



Then add these changes in your build.gradle file:

dexOptions {
        incremental = true
        preDexLibraries = false
        javaMaxHeapSize "4g" // 2g should be also OK
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    This solved my issue on Android Studio 2.1 Beta 2. – wblaschko Apr 18 '16 at 22:46
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    Warning:The android.dexOptions.incremental property is deprecated and it has no effect on the build process. – tir38 Jun 21 '16 at 20:55
  • this solved my issue. but i;ts creating a file called java_pid1512.hprof which is very large. i am guessing your Dfile option is creating it ? is it necessary and can you show how to remove the dump to file – j2emanue Aug 6 '17 at 7:15
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    @j2emanue: This file is created because of the "HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError" option: docs.oracle.com/cd/E15289_01/doc.40/e15062/… – Mehlyfication Sep 11 '17 at 8:41
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    May need to updated: incremental is deleted in the end of 2018 – cuasodayleo Jan 9 at 4:22

I disable my Instant Run by:

Menu PreferenceBuildInstant Run "Enable Instant Run to hot swap code"

I guess it is the Instant Run that makes the build slow and creates a large size pidXXX.hprof file which causes the AndroidStudio gc overhead limit exceeded.

(My device SDK is 19.)

  • How did you find out it was Instant Run that created such a large hprof file? I noticed one created recently on our GitLab server, but we don't have instant run enabled. – AdamMc331 May 15 at 17:07

I forced closed all Java.exe from taskmanger, restarted Android Studio and it worked for me

enter image description here


For me non of the answers worked I saw here worked. I guessed that having the CPU work extremely hard makes the computer hot. After I closed programs that consume large amounts of CPU (like chrome) and cooling down my laptop the problem disappeared.

For reference: I had the CPU on 96%-97% and Memory usage over 2,000,000K by a java.exe process (which was actually gradle related process).

  • How does your solution relate to the SPECIFIC problem posed here? – kalabalik Sep 24 '17 at 15:04
  • I get the same error specified above: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded The solution I offered solved this error for me – olNoy Sep 25 '17 at 9:26

Add this to build.gradle file

dexOptions {
   javaMaxHeapSize "2g"

I'm using Android Studio 3.4 and the only thing that worked for me was to remove the following lines from my build.gradle file:

minifyEnabled true
proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android.txt'), 'proguard-rules.pro'

Because Android Studio 3.4 is using R8 in full mode and is not direct compatible with Proguard

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    I think this isn't a solution when you have to release an obfuscated build. I have used gradle-5.2.1 with Android Studio 3.4 and it's working fine even with the minifyEnabled true with pro-guard configuration while gradle-5.1.1 was having similar issues. – Vikas Patidar Apr 23 at 22:12
  • This is the exact opposite of what we want. -1 – Zun Apr 29 at 9:37
  • Like I said, this worked for me and the error is gone and finally I was able to generate the apk. None of the others answers worked in my project. – pableiros Apr 29 at 21:32

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