I have a problem when adding a custom bit of HTML to a datatable cell on loading.

on clicking the tab to open the page, I call on a ajax function to fetch the data.

// CLICK on the tab to open the User Manager -> Load all records into DataTable
        // Send through the function to perform in the $_GET variable
            url: './inc/AdminScripts.php?argument=loadAllRecords'
            .done(function(html) {
                var t = $('#users_table').DataTable();
                var obj = eval(html);

                // ADD acquired data items to the DataTable
                $.each(obj, function(key,value) {
                    t.row.add( [
                    ] ).draw();

This bit works fine and I get all the data I require. The problem now is that for the EDIT column I want to add a ICON BUTTON to click on to edit the record. I do so using a function addBellsWhistles like this

    function addBellsWhistles(){
        $('#users_table tr').children("td:nth-child(1)").append("<div class='col1d'><button class='editBut'><img src='img/property32.png'></button></div>");

okay, this also work almost perfectly except for one thing. The data table only shows 10 records per page, so when I go to the 2nd or nth page the piece of custom added HTML is not visable.

I have tried the following on click of the paginate button (well quite a few things including the the class of the button, id of the button, the a tag of the button) but nothing works.

Im also using deligation in this case because of dynamically created data


    $( ".dataTables_paginate a" ).on( 'click', '.paginate_button', function () {
        $(".confirmUploadError .confirm_text").html("Loading records. Please wait.");

its not writing to console, its not calling the message pop-up and it is especially not calling my function (and I just named them separately for dramatic effect).

Anyone out there have a idea for me please?

PS here is the datatable paginate container as created by datatables

       <div class="dataTables_paginate paging_simple_numbers" id="users_table_paginate">
           <a class="paginate_button previous disabled" aria-controls="users_table" data-dt-idx="0" tabindex="0" id="users_table_previous">Previous</a>
                   <a class="paginate_button current" aria-controls="users_table" data-dt-idx="1" tabindex="0">1</a>
                   <a class="paginate_button " aria-controls="users_table" data-dt-idx="2" tabindex="0">2</a>
           <a class="paginate_button next" aria-controls="users_table" data-dt-idx="3" tabindex="0" id="users_table_next">Next</a>
  • I believe that columns.render() link provides the functionality you require. – Marco Borchert Jul 29 '14 at 14:24
  • @MarcoBorchert -> I believe you are right. one thing i did not expect though is that it now added a icon in cell (0,0) for each cell in the table. e.g. 110 ICONSand in all column 0 cell after that... :% so thanks it worked, just need some work on it. – morne Jul 29 '14 at 14:42

Call the fnCreatedRow function, which fires after every row is created (callback). Call your method from there to do what is needed. In this case:

   $('#users_table').dataTable( {
       "fnCreatedRow": function( nRow, aData, iDataIndex ) {
           $('td:eq(0)', nRow).append("<div class='col1d'><button class='editBut'><img >src='img/property32.png'></button></div>");
This Code is working for me here i am adding button to get next set records or search record from server.  

ObjTableId.button().add(3, {
                action: function () {
                   // your code goes here !
                text: 'Button text',
                className: "css_class_name",
                attr: {
                    title: 'title',
                    id: 'btnId'

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