I need to assign a variable which will be used to create the id label for some html elements.

And it needs to be unique.

I tried

{assign var=unique_id value=`10|mt_rand:20`}


{math equation='rand(10,100)'}

But I don't know how to use the result

I don't have any other ideas


this is how you set and use a random value but that deoesn't mean it will be unique.

    {assign var=unique_id value=10|mt_rand:20}

can you describe a bigger picture of what your doing ?

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I wrote an little Smarty plugin some years ago: https://www.markus.zierhut.name/2010/05/21/php-mit-smarty-zufallszahl-erzeugen/

It's a bit easier to use than handling with mt_rand inside the assign-function. And it keeps compatible with the split of Model and View.

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