Ok, I know that it is a question often asked, but I did not manage to get what I wanted.

I am looking for a regular expression in order to find a pattern that does not contain a particular substring.

I want to find an url that does not contains the b parameter.

http://www.website.com/a=789&c=146          > MATCH
http://www.website.com/a=789&b=412&c=146    > NOT MATCH

Currently, I have the following Regex: \bhttp:\/\/www\.website\.com\/((?!b=[0-9]+).)*\b

But I am wrong with the \b, the regex match the beginning of th string and stop when it find b=, instead of not matching.

See: http://regex101.com/r/fN3zU5/3

Can someone help me please?


Just use a lookahead to check anything following the URL must be a space or line end.

\bhttp:\/\/www\.website\.com\/(?:(?!b=[0-9]+).)*?\b(?= |$)


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  • Nice but it does not work perfectly in a sentence: regex101.com/r/fN3zU5/15 – Delgan Jul 30 '14 at 11:16
  • That's better, thank you. But if the URL ends with a non-alphanumeric character, the same problem occurs. I just removed the \b and it seems to work with the regex \bhttp:\/\/www\.website\.com\/(?:(?!b=[0-9]+).)*?(?= |$) – Delgan Jul 30 '14 at 12:04

use this:


\b only matches word endings.

^ matches start and end of string

and you dont even need to do it that complicated, If you dont want the url with the b parameter use this:


demo here : http://regex101.com/r/fN3zU5/5

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  • Actually, I simplified hehre but it can be b=87b for example, parameters does not necessary contains only figures. And if I use ^ and $, it does not work if the url is in the middle of a sentence. – Delgan Jul 30 '14 at 10:24
  • of course you will have to add .* at the end to match sentence fully and then you can put $ or ^ – aelor Jul 30 '14 at 10:31
      import re
      print pattern.match(x)

This will look ahead if there is a "b=" present.A negative lookahead means it will not match that string.

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  • Unfortunately, I cannot do this by this way, I need the regex. – Delgan Jul 30 '14 at 10:36

You had a look at this possibility:


^http:\/\/www\.website\.com\/[ac\=\d&]*$ only allow &,=,a,c and digits complete url in group and there should not be a "b=" parameter

if you have more options and you dont want to list them all: you dont allow a 'b' to be part of your parameters



^http:\/\/www\.website\.com\/(?!.*?b=.*?).*$ works too here "b=" is permitted at any position of the parameter string so you could even have the "b" string as a value of a parameter.

See http://regex101.com/r/fN3zU5/8

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This is what you want. ^http:\/\/www\.website\.com\/(([^b]=[0-9]+).)*$

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Its a simple pattern not flexible but it works :

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