We have developed a web application by using PostgreSQL. We have recently decided to migrate to the NOSQL world (we have choose cassandra as database) by using the advantage of Hadoop/MapReduce). This will allow us to migrate to Big data world: We are treating a huge amount (billions of records) of data coming from different sources.

Our application contains some calculation-algorithms which are very complicated. In the actual version (using postgresql), those algo are implemented in stored procedure. Now, we want to migrate this stored procedure to cassandra.

I have too question's:

1- Is this technically feasible? 2- What is the best way to test the feasibility? 3- Do we have to expect a big performance enhancement by doing this migration.

Thank you for you support. Walid

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There is nothing really equivalent to a Stored Procedure in Cassandra, but the newly created Triggers might help you. Triggers can be written in any JVM language and can be placed directly on a Cassandra node -- they are fired BEFORE the statement is executed so you might put your logic inside here. If triggers don't match your needs the only alternative I see is to put the logic directly in the application.

As far as the question number 3 it depends. Cassandra offers linear scalability, this means that if X nodes supports Y transactions/second NX nodes can reach NY transactions/second -- but performance enhancement (or detraction) can't be predicted without all informations (and, even in this case, it wouldn't be easy)

HTH, Carlo


With Aerospike, you can use User Define Functions. Aerospike's user defined functions can operate on a single record or operate read-only on a collection of records.

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