There are two main jobs to be done, each with their own namespace.

The first deploys the symfony app as you'd expect.

The second updates the databases on the server designated with the db role from the server designated with the source role.

After adding this second job to the deploy script (updating the dbs), the standard cap staging deploy command deploys the app to staging and www (production) even though all tasks in the deploy namespace point to the web role.

Did I miss something in the capistrano documentation? Any suggestions?


server 'staging.thesite.com', user: 'deploy', roles: %w{web db}

# source role defines the machine from where the db will be pulled from
server 'www.thesite.com', user: 'deploy', roles: %w{source}



  • Same problem here, also with a doctrine:migrations:migrate! Have you found a solution? #fingercrossed – LaurentG Sep 20 '16 at 9:34

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