In trying to automate some deploy tasks to S3, I noticed that the credentials I provided via aws configure are not picked up by the Node.js SDK. How can I get the shell and a gulp task to reference the same file?

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After lots of searching, it was the excerpt from this article that caused a eureka moment.

If you've been using the AWS CLI, you might already have a credentials file, which is in the same location as the new credentials file, but is named config. If so, the CLI will continue to use that file. However, if you create a new credentials file, the CLI will use that one instead. (Be aware that the aws configure command that you can use to set credentials from the command line will put the credentials in the config file, not the credentials file.)

By moving ~/.aws/config to ~/.aws/credentials now both the CLI and SDK read from the same location. Sadly, I haven't found any interface for maintaining ~/.aws/credentials other than hand-editing just yet.

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