I have branch Master, branch A and branch B. Now I'm working in the branch A and I need to merge branch A with branch B and proceed my work in the branch A. All files are comitted in the branch A and B.

What's the fast way to implement it?


If I understood your question, you want to merge branchB into branchA. To do so, first checkout branchA:

git checkout branchA

Then execute the below command to merge in branchB:

git merge branchB
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    We need to make sure that branches A and B exist on local repository. Only then we can perform merge. – Santhosh Aug 29 '17 at 9:45
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    The question is explicit: I have branch Master, branch A and branch B. – LeeGee Jan 24 at 23:26

Here's a clear picture:

Assuming we have branch-A and branch-B

We want to merge branch-B into branch-A

on branch-B -> A: switch to branch-A

on branch-A: git merge branch-B
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    @user3127896 How can a good answer got lower upvotes which is answered earlier? – Abimaran Kugathasan Dec 3 '17 at 4:06
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    this isn't clearer at all, just post the terminal input it's much easier to understand – lopu Jan 4 '18 at 9:43
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    This isn't clear enough answer .... what does it mean "update the branch-B" ... there are many ways of doing that, which one? ... instead of switch git checkout branch-A is more understandable – Erdinç Çorbacı Mar 22 '18 at 8:34

If you or another dev will not work on branchB further, I think it's better to keep commits in order to make reverts without headaches. So ;

git checkout branchA
git pull --rebase branchB

It's important that branchB shouldn't be used anymore.

For more ; https://www.derekgourlay.com/blog/git-when-to-merge-vs-when-to-rebase/

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    In its title, the question relates to local repositories — for which pull will not work. – LeeGee Jan 24 at 23:27
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    You are right, I just thought adding this knowledge would be a plus because probably local branch will be pushed at the end. But I missed the point you indicated, I would better add this as a comment not as an answer. Thanks for warning me. – Erdinç Çorbacı Jan 25 at 11:35

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