I undeployed my APP by using the web gui of Glassfish. But if I press undeploy for my actual APP nothing happend. In my Log File a new error occurs: Application not registered (severe). How can I undeploy my APP now correctly ?

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I found a simple answer:

  1. remove all references to your app from domain.xml (in glassfish/glassfish/domains/yourDomain/config/) (see also unable to redeploy web application on glassfish3)

  2. remove directory glassfish/glassfish/domains/yourDomain/applications/yourAPP

  3. remove all files in glassfish/glassfish/domains/yourDomain/generated/*

I had the same error, tried what mr.wolle suggested but on step 1 I couldn't really find the web module as suggested in the other post , not sure if it's because I'm using glassfish 4 or because I uploaded my app to "/" in the context-root

So I did the following:

  1. searched for my app name using ctrl + w (a bit troublesome on windows since it just suggesting to close the window so did it on my mac).

  2. deleted the first result which is a single line with your app name, mine is "login":

    <application-ref ref="login" virtual-servers="server"></application-ref>
  3. deleted all of the following lines which is related to my "login" app:

    <application context-root="/" object-type="user" name="login"  location="${com.sun.aas.instanceRootURI}/applications/login/">
        <property name="archiveType" value="war"></property>
        <property name="implicitCdiEnabled" value="true"></property>
        <property name="preserveAppScopedResources" value="false"></property>
        <property name="appLocation" value="${com.sun.aas.instanceRootURI}/applications/__internal/login/login7312386559419533277.war"></property>
        <property name="defaultAppName" value="login7312386559419533277"></property>
        <module name="login">
            <engine sniffer="security"></engine>
            <engine sniffer="web"></engine>
  4. tried to undeploy (not sure if that had any effect)

  5. reset the server - done, the app *.war file was deleted (again not sure if it was due to stage 4 or not so just try it).

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