It's probably a very easy question but I'm having trouble finding a clean/working solution. I just want to remove a field from a json object I have. Let's say I have :

val body:Option[JsValue] = request.body.asJson

where body looks like:

     "url": "www.google.com",
     "id":  "123",
     "count" : 1,
     "label" : "test"  

and I want to remove the field "id" from it.

I have read http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.1.1/ScalaJsonTransformers case#6 but unfortunately couldn't fully understand it. (I'm pretty new to Scala and functional programming)



This can be done as a JsObject, which extends JsValue:

body.as[JsObject] - "id"
  • Thanks. I was going to do something like this: val jsonTransformer = (__ \ 'id).json.prune; val newBody = body.get.transform(jsonTransformer) But your solution is definitely simpler and better. – N3da Aug 1 '14 at 18:10
  • Beautyful, just, beautyful. Keep getting amazed by Scala. – Wrench Jan 16 '15 at 13:43
  • What if you want to remove a nested field? – Basil Aug 22 '19 at 21:27

I came across this question when I wanted to remove a nested field from a json object, and since subtracting doesn't work for nested fields, I'm adding the solution I ended up using.

To remove a field from a JsObject you can use prune to remove the entire path to that field.

For the example above -

val p = JsPath \ "id"
val res = p.prune(body.as[JsObject]).get

If you had a nested object like this -

     "url": "www.google.com",
     "id":  {"first": "123", "second": "456"}
     "count" : 1,
     "label" : "test"  

you could create a more specific path -

val p = JsPath \ "id" \ "second"
val res = p.prune(body.as[JsObject]).get

You can use as Method as[JsObject] with minus - symbol. Like Below.

body.as[JsObject] - "id"

Below has detailed explanation step by step. Let's see with custom object.

val json: JsValue = JsObject(Seq(
      "error" -> JsBoolean(false),
      "result" -> JsNumber(calcResult),
      "message" -> JsString(null)

It can be picked by as Method and removed "-" symbol.

/* Removing Message Property and keep the value in successResult Variable */
val successResult = json.as[JsObject] - "message"

Take a look at Body Parser in Scala to know about Choosing an explicit body parser, Combining body parsers and Writing a custom body parser.

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