I was trying to see what type the .hasAttribute() method returned. I had the following code:

<img id="theimg" src="http://placehold.it/100x100">

var myimg = document.getElementById("theimg");
var result = myimg.hasAttribute('src');
console.log(typeof result);

My console kept throwing this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasAttribute' of null

Interestingly, once I un-commented the HTML, myimg was no longer null, and .hasAttribute('src'); gleefully returned a boolean.

Since .getElementById() does not appear to locate commented out HTMLElements, how does one retrieve commented out HTMLElements?

I have tried:

  1. Massaging the code to see if I could force .getElementById() to work, e.g. by trying console.log(document.getElementById("theimg").src);
  2. Googling
  3. Reading the MDN Documentation on .getElementById(), which simply says

"If there is no element with the given id, this function returns null...Elements not in the document are not searched by getElementById."

But surely the commented out text is part of the document!

Searching SO I found this question about accessing a hidden form but it did not answer my question.

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    comments are in fact part of the DOM, the nodeType is 8, and they can be accessed, but is that really what you're asking? Of course, regular DOM methods doesn't work on elements that are commented out, as that would defeat the entire purpose of comments ! – adeneo Aug 1 '14 at 5:45
  • You know i never thought about it like that but what you said makes sense! I was just curious and exploring while I learn ^_^ - And yes, that was my real question, how do you access comment nodes (see the boldface line in my question...) – bobo Aug 1 '14 at 5:51
  • You can retrieve the comment DOM node itself, but you cannot retrieve the elements inside the comment since they are not part of the DOM. They are not parsed as markup at all. You shouldn't use a comment if you just want to hide elements but still wants to be able to access them. – JacquesB Aug 1 '14 at 6:26

yes, this is normal. As ridiculous as your question is, it merits a real answer: anything you comment off gets inserted into the DOM as a comment node, and does not count as markup. A comment is nothing like a hidden form element: the first is not a DOM node, but annotation data. The second is a real DOM node, and if you applied CSS to it such as display: block it would show up on the page like anything else.

And I called this question ridiculous, because it's one of the most basic rules of HTML markup. HTML does stuff, if you comment it off, it does nothing and as far as anyone is concerned, doesn't exist except when you view the source.

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you have an error in your console.log() method

you should concatenate the string simply add a + between the string and the variable.

i tested it like this and it worked

<img id="theimg" src="http://placehold.it/100x100"> 
<script type="text/javascript">
var myimg = document.getElementById("theimg");
var result = myimg.hasAttribute('src');
console.log("type is "+ result);
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  • Thanks for the answer but this is incorrect. typeof is not a string in my code, it's an operator that returns the type of the variable coming afterwards - developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/… – bobo Aug 1 '14 at 5:53
  • oh yah that's true i found this code works like a charm <img id="theimg" src="http://placehold.it/100x100"> <script type="text/javascript"> var myimg = document.getElementById("theimg"); var result = myimg.hasAttribute('src'); var type = typeof result; console.log(type); </script> i tried it myself and in the console it gave me the type which was booleon – MrAbdul Aug 1 '14 at 5:58

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