I'm new to .net and so to vnext. Earlier we used IIS to host a MVC application, still web api were self hostable. But now in vnext we have got web applications which are also self hostable. I actually wanted to know how vnext web application can be self hosted and what makes it self hostable? What are the changes in architecture and request life cycle.


vNext uses OWIN under the covers. As long as a server implements the OWIN interfaces you should be able to run your vNext middleware.

You can currently use nowin to host your OWIN app inside your own appdomain https://github.com/Bobris/Nowin

For an example, look at the helloworldweb sample in https://github.com/desdesdes/HelloWorldVNext

  • BTW ASP.NET 5 (formerly known as ASP.NET vNext) does not use OWIN. There are, however, compatibility layers to enabled OWIN middleware to be used in ASP.NET 5, and one could potentially write a layer to enable ASP.NET 5 middleware on an OWIN server. – Eilon Feb 2 '15 at 4:53

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