I developed an API to show a pop up message when the page loaded.

Not all the pages use the pop up API. For example, if the user go to the show($id) page, that doesn't required the pop up api to fire. but in some special cases, I need the pop up to be fired.

Here is my code, ** this code is just to illustrate my point, not an actual working code**

public function store(){
    validating the input

    saving them

    $id = get the id

    return Redirect::route('clients.show, $id')

and in the show function I do this:

public function show($id){
   $client =Client::find($id)
   return View::make('clients.profife')->with(array(
   'data' => $client

My question

Is there a way so I can send a data from the store function to the show function using Redirect::route ? and then in the show function, I check if this show function, I check if this data has been sent of what and then I decide whether to fire the pop up api or not.


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In store()

return Redirect::route('clients.show, $id')->with( ['data' => $data] );

and in show() read it with

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    Take care that with refresh, the data will disappear because with will be pulled one time.
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A simple redirect using helper functions.

So you don't need to set use Redirect nor use Session in your Controller.

After you're done processing something in your Controller, insert:

return redirect()->route('clients.show')->with([ 'id' => $id ]);

To retrieve the variable 'id' in route 'clients.show', use:

// in PHP
$id = session()->get('id');

// in Blade
{{ session()->get('id') }}
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    or just session('id'); (laravel 5.7) Oct 14, 2018 at 16:13
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    – Fred Polli
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After sending the information via the following code in Laravel 8:

return redirect()->route( 'clients.show' )->with( [ 'id' => $id ] );

I will receive the amount sent with $id


Yes you can define path in route like below:

Route::get('store/{id?}/{param1?}/{param2?}/{param3?}', 'clients@store');

You can pass multiple parameter in function and read in controller by passing argument..

You can define in controller :

public function store(id, param1,param2,param3){
//read the param values

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