I've heard Ace provides functionality to get and patch diffs, but I searched through Ace's docs, tried googling but couldn't find how to do that.

Do Ace provide functionality to create and patch diffs of the document being editted?

From my research, I've figured that the way to do it is using google-diff-match-patch library (https://code.google.com/p/google-diff-match-patch/). But I'd prefer using Ace's builtin mechanism if it has one.


No Ace doesn't provide a functionality to patch diffs. You need to use diff-match-patch,

e.g to diff to values apply patch to ace document use

var Range = require("ace/range").Range;
var dmplib = require("diff_match_patch");

var dmp = new dmplib.diff_match_patch();
var diff = dmp.diff_main(oldValue, newValue, true);

var offset = 0;
diff.forEach(function(chunk) {
    var op = chunk[0];
    var text = chunk[1];

    if (op === 0) {
        offset += text.length;
    } else if (op === -1) {
            doc.indexToPosition(offset + text.length)
    } else if (op === 1) {
        doc.insert(doc.indexToPosition(offset), text);
        offset += text.length;

We needed precisely this option for a project we're working on, so I created a lib for it: http://ace-diff.github.io/ace-diff/ - it's built on google-diff-match-patch, as 'a user' talks about, as well.

The site contains a few demos, and the code + doc is on github. Hope this helps!

  • the site no longer exists? – Vatsal Mar 13 '18 at 3:23
  • I just updated the URL, thanks @vatsal! – benjamin.keen Mar 13 '18 at 17:17
  • I found it from your github though... great work man... i need to implement something similar in an angular application – Vatsal Mar 13 '18 at 17:23

I needed to add capture and merging of diffs to a project today. The full, split screen library was overkill for my needs.

The following is based on a_user's code above, but written in succinct es syntax:

    import dmplib from 'diff_match_patch';

    export const getDiffs = (oldValue, newValue) => {
      const dmp = new dmplib.diff_match_patch();
      return dmp.diff_main(oldValue, newValue, true);

   // Uses the output from above
    export const mergeDiffs = diffs =>
        .filter(([op]) => op > -1)
        .map(([_, text]) => text)

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