Has someone been able to use that function before, I have tried pretty much every combination in order to see if it works.

This is the Array of Struct I am trying to use with inline


This works nicely:

select iq.*, iq.card.position as position, 
iq.card.price as price,iq.card.card_pos as card_pos, 
iq.card.clicked as clicked 
  select *
  LATERAL VIEW explode(cards) card as card
) iq

It's kind of annoying that I can's make the inline function work. The documentation on the Hive Wiki is very vague on how this function should be used properly.

We have Hive 0.10(CDH4.6), the inline function is definitely part of our distribution.

If someone as concrete example of how to use it please let me know

I have tried a couple of different syntax

select *
Lateral view inline(cards) as(position,price,card_pos,clicked)

select *
Lateral view inline(cards) card as (position,price,card_pos,clicked)

I've also tried to put it in the select without success Thank you

  • definitely hive complains about the as part and naming the columns despite that being shown in the DDL. It seems that syntax only works if you are doing a select solely of inline such as select inline(cards) as (pos,pri,cps,clk) from hsim.im_metasearch; – dlamblin Jun 14 '17 at 5:33

Here is an example of how I have (successfully) used inline. Suppose we have a dataset such as

id    |    num
1          2.0
1          4.0
2          5.0
1          7.0
1          8.0
2          8.0
1          3.0
1          5.0
1          6.0
3          7.0

if you perform the query

select histogram_numeric(num, 3)
from table

you will get a histogram grouped into 3 bins represented as an array of structs.

[{'x':2.5, 'y:2.0'}, {'x':5.0, 'y':4.0}, {'x':7.5, 'y':4.0}]

Most people would want to view this in some sort of table form, hence the inline function. So we could do

select inline(histogram_numeric(num, 3))
from table

This gives

x    |    y
2.5      2.0
5.0      4.0
7.5      4.0

Hope this helps.

  • Were you ever able to use the inline statement in the LATERAL VIEW statement. Your post is great does not fix my problem. My question would be, could you have other fields appended in front of x and y. The Hive doc seems to say you can't. I might be wrong. – chilucas Aug 3 '14 at 2:39
  • For my case, the array of struct is with each line/record. The goal is to each Struct from the array would be exploded and than put inline after all the field already in the table. From your example, it looks like inline can only be used on it's own and can't have other fields in front of it. – chilucas Aug 3 '14 at 2:44
  • If you could edit your question and describe what the data looks like that you are querying from and what you want it to look like afterwards I could possibly help. It is difficult to tell exactly what you are trying to achieve when there are just queries in your question. – gobrewers14 Aug 3 '14 at 4:15

This worked for me

select * 
from table1 t
   lateral view inline(array_of_structs) a


select * from ( select ARRAY(named_struct('a1', 1, 'a2', 2)) as kk  from dim_one_row ) x lateral view  inline(kk)  t as ff, ff2;


[{"a1":1,"a2":2}]       1       2

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