Do to a bug i had to completely remove cocoa pods from my Xcode project and re add them. As such i also removed the 2 build phases "Copy Pods Resources" and "Check Pods Manifest.lock". After i re added cocoa pods these 2 build phases were still missing even tho from what i red online "pod install" should have added them. How do i get them back?


After deleting the podfile try to re-install the cocoapods using the following commands

sudo gem install cocoapods-->touch podfile-->open podfile-->save your pod-->pod install. After the above steps check your target-->build phase.


The answer of iOS (which is below) doesn't work for me. Don't know how to fix it((

problem is a cocoapods' dependence has some static resources which are not adding to the final .app file after building. The adding is written in bash script of being generated by cocoapods


Just run into the same issue and found solution for myself. Sorry for such a late answer, but hope it might help somebody else.

There is an implemented Ruby gem by guy from Cocoapods team for deintegrating Cocoapods from the project. You can find it by this link. If you deintegrate Cocoapods from your project using this gem and run pod install afterwards, you'll see all Cocoapods build phases added back to your project.

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