The powershell (like other consoles windows) display the full path of the current folder.

The problem is that this path is often long, and pollutes the screen.

How to configure the powershell to display(prompt) only the current folder? (Keeping integration with other modules like Posh-Git)

enter image description here


Prompt is defined by function prompt in Powershell. But if you just want to change it for posh-git than it should not be hard... Because there it's actually just one line. Unless you modified the module behavior you should find file defining prompt here (change notepad to editor of choice):

notepad (Get-Command prompt).ScriptBlock.File

Original line:

Write-Host($pwd.ProviderPath) -nonewline

Modify to:

Write-Host(Split-Path -Leaf $pwd.ProviderPath) -nonewline

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