I understand that a servlet is an actual class in Java that basically extends and provides useful characteristics of a web server, but are there any alternative equivalents where the same similar key characteristics of a servlet are accomplished in a different language?

Particularly something that has:

  • the servlet life cycle of init(), service() and remove()
  • limitations on disk access (persistence)
  • performing page layout function
  • can be dynamically reloaded
  • can call other servlets
  • can operate like a URL
  • similar security

I have found servlets in AJAX, Spring and the like, but I mean something that is not in the java family at all. To specify further, I found the following but they don't seem to be used very much, both run over Java, and Armed Bear C-Lisp seems still employs a java virtual machine.

  • I tried, but couldn't find a proper info. – Sandeep Roy Oct 14 '16 at 6:34

There are quite a number of servlet alternative since servlet is just an implementation of HTTP request and response mechanism based on Java.

Almost all languages has a mechanism to deal with HTTP methods. They just not called 'servlet'. For example node.js has great tools for this. Have a look at express.js which is arguable most used node.js framework.

Make a google search like this: "x rest server" and use whatever language you want instead of 'x', you will most likely get what you asked for. Let's try it for a couple of languages:

ruby rest server : sinatra, grape
swift rest server : kitura, perfect, vapor
c# rest server : web api, servicestack 
javascript rest server : node.js, express.js, hapi.js
phyton rest server : django, flash

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