Once you stored contents in S3 and make it public, then everyone have access to it. Is there a way to let only authorized users have access to the content stored in S3? For example, I have a site that let people store their documents. The server stores these documents in S3 and I would like only the user who uploaded the document to have access to it.

I know I can copy the S3 contents to my server and let only authorized users have access, but this will make the server slow. I would like to be able server the contents directly to the client's browser from the S3.


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The link given in the above answer is no longer correct -- Amazon had it's documentation reorganized. I think these are the correct pages to read:


You want to read the section called 'Query String Request Authentication Alternative' found here

It explains how to create a time-based expiring link to an S3 object

You would then have to write the code that manages the users (the who owns which object part of your question).


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