I Used KendoPanelBar in 2 projects. In firstOne, I dont have any problem with executing , but in second one there is an Error in Firebug when I want to Run: Error is

kendoPanelBar is not a function

by the way: its a very simple code

         expandMode: "single"

when in firebug I check for .js files there are these files:

  • kendo.web.min.js
  • kendo.all.min.js
  • angular.min.js
  • jQuery-1.10.1.min.js

they are the same in both pages, but why this Error is happenning??


Do not import both of these:

  • kendo.web.min.js
  • kendo.all.min.js

all includes everything in web, mobile, and dataviz. Also make sure you import Kendo after jQuery.

  • In addition make sure that you include first jQueryand then kendo.*.min.js – OnaBai Aug 4 '14 at 14:11

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