I want to export the ZPL file (the one which starts with ^XA) of a given label on Zebradesigner but I can't manage to find any option to do so. I already looked for a similar question on stackoverflow and I saw a post that seemed to resolve the problem: get ZPL Code From zebra designer?

But I think I don't have the same version cause I don't have a "ports" tab on my printer properties. So does anyone know how to achieve this with my Zebra version? I have Zebradesigner 2.2.3

Thank you!


There should be a "Print To File" checkbox or option in the print dialog. This should allow you to save to a .prm file which will contain the raw ZPL including ^XA.

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    When I make this procedure I have EPL data not ZPL. I'm use Zebra Design 2.5 (Build 9325). What am I doing wrong??? – Rafael Gomes Francisco Nov 17 '16 at 13:18

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