I have table test column has cretaed_dt and id.Both are varchar 2 type.

desc test

ID Varchar2(30)
Created_Dt varchar2(30)

select * from test

ID       created_dt
1        2014-07-22-
2        2014-08-04-
3        2014-06-15-

I need to pick the data between 21st July to 5th aug 2014.Idealy ID 1 and 2 need to pick.

I am not able to do this because created date column is in varchar2.

Please assist.


Although your data is stored as varchar2(), you can still use it. Happily the strings are in the right format for comparison operations. So:

where created_dte >= '2014-07-21' and created_dte < '2014-08-05'

You can convert the varchar2() to a date using to_date(). However, just using the string as is allows Oracle to take advantage of an index on the column.

Although you can do what you want, you should store date/times in native date format in the database. Oracle has a wealth of date-related functions that are then accessible.


Use this:

with t as (
  select '1' id, '2014-07-22-' created_dt from dual union all
  select '2' id, '2014-08-04-' created_dt from dual union all
  select '3' id, '2014-06-15-' created_dt from dual 
select * 
  from t
 where to_timestamp(created_dt, 'yyyy-MM-dd-HH24.MI.SS.FF') between to_date('21 jul 2014', 'DD mon YYYY') and to_date('5 aug 2014', 'DD mon YYYY')

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