Different between '-s' and '-vf scale=' in ffmpeg?

And for a two-pass transcoding in ffmpeg, what's the difference or influence then?


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There should be no difference in the output

Using the md5 muxer to compare.


$ ffmpeg -i input -an -s 640x360 -f md5 -

-vf scale

$ ffmpeg -i input -an -vf scale=640:360 -f md5 -

I believe -s is mapped to scale but I'm not totally sure and did not look at the source code to find out.

There are advantages to using scale instead of -s

  • You can use it with other filters and determine exactly where in the filtergraph you want the scale to occur.

  • It is more flexible because you can use additional options and expressions.

  • You can just declare one dimension and scale can automatically determine the other while preserving aspect ratio: scale=640:-1.

See the FFmpeg scale video filter documentation for more info.

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