I have a dictionary where I am storing a key and 2 values in a tuple like so:

variableDictionary = new Dictionary<string, Tuple<string, string>>();

So my dictionary is: key, <value1, value2>

I want to check if a value1 is already stored in the dictionary. If my dictionary was string for the key and string for the value I could just use ContainsValue.

bool alreadyStored = variableDictionary.ContainsValue(value1);

I'm not sure how to find whether my value1 is in the dictionary in the value1 part of the tuple regardless of what the value2 is. I could create a new tuple and check whether it contains this tuple but I'm not sure how to make it effectively ignore the second value.

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ContainsValue performs simple linear search, so you can do the same with LINQ pretty easily:

bool alreadyStored = variableDictionary.Any(x => x.Value.Item1 == value1);

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