When we run a C++ program with Visual Studio, we often set "Command Arguments" insider Configuration Properties->Debugging if the program need some arguments. For example, we may run abc.exe -r 1 in the command line, and in order to run the program directly in Visual Studio, we can fill the Command Arguments with -r 1 . So my question is: can we set default Command Arguments with cmake? By doing so, there is no need to set them manually. Thanks.


You could add this into your CMakeLists.txt:

    "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>\n"
    "<Project ToolsVersion=\"15.0\">\n"
    "  <PropertyGroup>\n"
    "    <LocalDebuggerCommandArguments>-r 1</LocalDebuggerCommandArguments>\n"
    "    <DebuggerFlavor>WindowsLocalDebugger</DebuggerFlavor>\n"
    "  </PropertyGroup>\n"

You might want to adapt this to your version of Visual Studio.

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