I am trying to count response nodes and then do something over the amount of nodes. I've tried it in the following groovy script but the count remains "0":

def collection = ["1","2","3","4"]

// get num repetitions of <SubsPlanDto> with Xpath count
def numElements = context.expand( '${QuerySubsPlanList - Request 1#Response#//count(*:QuerySubsPlanListResponse[1]/SubsPlanDtoList[1]/SubsPlanDto)}')
def collection2 = [];
// iterate and add the values to a collection
for ( i in 1..numElements.toInteger()) {
    collection2.add(context.expand( '${QuerySubsPlanList - Request 1#Response#//*:QuerySubsPlanListResponse[1]/SubsPlanDtoList[1]/SubsPlanDto['+ i + ']/SubsPlanCode[1]}'))

// get the matches and differences
def matches = collection.intersect(collection2)
def fails = collection.plus(collection2)

log.info matches
log.info fails

The structure of the response is as follows

      <ns:QuerySubsPlanListResponse xmlns:ns="http://com.ztesoft.zsmart/xsd">
               <SubsPlanCode>TEST2 </SubsPlanCode>

Can anyone tell me how to count the nodes correctly? Thanks


context.expand() returns a String! Also, your XPath has multiple problems. You probably want:

def numElements = context.expand('${QuerySubsPlanList - Request 1#Response#count(//*:SubsPlanDto)}').toInteger()

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