I have this CSharp library:

using System;
namespace MyNetLib
    public class Myclass
        public int MyFunc(string strin, ref string strout)
            strout = "Input string is: " + strout;
            return strin.Length;

I run the code below but no return of the output string in SafeArray parameter. What is wrong since there is no indication of error?

#include <atlbase.h>

#include <mscoree.h> 
#include <metahost.h>

#pragma comment (lib, "mscoree.lib") 

#import <mscorlib.tlb> raw_interfaces_only high_property_prefixes ("_get", "_put", "_putref") rename ("ReportEvent", "StdReportEvent") rename ("_DSA", "_CLR_DSA") 

using namespace mscorlib; 

void main()
    ICorRuntimeHost *pCorRuntimeHost = NULL; 
        CLSID_CorRuntimeHost, IID_PPV_ARGS( &pCorRuntimeHost ) );


    IUnknown *pUnkDomain = NULL; 
    _AppDomain *pAppDomain = NULL; 

    hr = pCorRuntimeHost-> GetDefaultDomain ((IUnknown **) &pUnkDomain); 
    hr = pUnkDomain-> QueryInterface (__uuidof (_AppDomain), (void **) &pAppDomain); 

    _Assembly *pAssembly = NULL; 
    BSTR bstrAssemblyString = SysAllocString (L"MyNetLib"); 

    hr = pAppDomain-> Load_2 (bstrAssemblyString, &pAssembly); 

    SysFreeString (bstrAssemblyString); 

    _Type *pType = NULL; 

    BSTR typeString = SysAllocString (L"MyNetLib.Myclass"); 
    VARIANT obj; 
    hr = pAssembly-> GetType_2 (typeString, &pType); 
    hr = pAssembly-> CreateInstance (typeString, &obj); 
    SysFreeString (typeString); 

    LONG index = 0;
    SAFEARRAY* safeArgs = NULL;
    SafeArrayAllocDescriptor(1, &safeArgs);

    safeArgs->cbElements = sizeof(VARIANT);
    safeArgs->rgsabound[0].lLbound = 0;
    safeArgs->rgsabound[0].cElements = 2;


    VARIANT arg1;
    V_BSTR(&arg1) = SysAllocString (L"String input.");
    V_VT(&arg1) = VT_BSTR;

    VARIANT arg2;
    BSTR pbstrOut = NULL;
    V_BSTRREF(&arg2) = & pbstrOut;
    V_VT(&arg2) = VT_BSTR | VT_BYREF;

    VARIANT retVal; 

    SafeArrayPutElement(safeArgs, &index, &arg1);
    SafeArrayPutElement(safeArgs, &index, &arg2);

    BSTR methodString = SysAllocString (L"MyFunc"); 
    hr = pType-> InvokeMember_3 (methodString, (BindingFlags) (BindingFlags_InvokeMethod | BindingFlags_Public | BindingFlags_Instance), NULL, obj, safeArgs, &retVal); 
  • Exact same question is here. I don't think you can make it work, it simply doesn't marshal the object[] elements back to the SAFEARRAY after the call. It normally requires [In, Out] on the argument to convince the marshaller to spend the time to copy them back, that's missing. – Hans Passant Aug 6 '14 at 13:03
  • The solution are the function returning string via IntPtr. – lsalamon Aug 6 '14 at 17:51

Can you try with StringBuilder? Change the function as:

public int MyFunc(string strin, ref StringBuilder strout)
        strout.insert(0, strin);
        return strin.Length;

As string object is readonly in .NET, StringBuilder should be used if you want to change the content of the string

  • Your suggestion did not work. – lsalamon Aug 6 '14 at 11:09

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