I want to use @PreAuthorize annotation on service methods with Spring Security. One of requirements is to use role-hierarchy. But by default it is not enabled.

I found that in SecurityExpressionRoot class ("the base class for expression root objects") there is a property roleHierarchy. The class actually does use this property for methods like hasRole() and hasAnyRole().

I suppose that if I supply it with my own RoleHierarchy bean I will be able to use @PreAuthorize annotations with hierarchical roles.

How can I inject my hierarchy bean into SecurityExpressionRoot?


For method security you can set RoleHierarchy as a property of DefaultMethodSecurityExpressionHandler, something like this:

<global-method-security ...>
    <expression-handler ref = "methodSecurityExpressionHandler" />

<beans:bean id = "methodSecurityExpressionHandler" 
    class = "org.springframework.security.access.expression.method.DefaultMethodSecurityExpressionHandler">
    <beans:property name = "roleHierarchy" .../>
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