This is very similar to Gradle for Android AAR Depending Upon AAR, Both In The Same Remote Repository?, but this question is Maven-specific.

If I have an APK project (app) with a dependency on an AAR project (lib1), can lib1 have a dependency on another AAR project (lib2)?


Yes as long as you use a recent version of the Android Maven Plugin that supports that..

  • Giving you the honors as thanks for maven-android-plugin. :) – Heath Borders Aug 7 '14 at 14:33


Using Android Archetypes I created an android-with-test project, and then two android-library-quickstarts underneath it. I had to change the android-library-quickstart projects' packaging from apklib to aar. Then, I make lib1 depend upon lib2, and made my apk depend on lib1. mvn clean install succeeded.

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