I'm trying to use Splint with a short CGI script, but get this error:

Null storage passed as non-null param: mysql_init(NULL)

mysql_init is defined to return a new value if it's param is NULL, or store the result in the param if it's not. Yet, if I try

MYSQL* connection;

I will get:

Variable connection used before definition

How to resolve this? One way would of course be to annotate mysql.h so Splint won't complain. Is the my only solution?


You may either edit mysql.h to annotate that parameter as /*@null@*/, or deactivate the warning for that specific line of code:

connection = mysql_init(NULL);

By the way, be careful not to pass uninitialized variables to functions:

MYSQL* connection; /* this pointer contains garbage at this point */
mysql_init(connection); /* this may get a segmentation fault */

Instead, you should be doing:

MYSQL* connection = NULL; /* initialize to NULL */
connection = mysql_init(connection); /* get a hold of the new object created */

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