Has anyone had this issue before?

I am using Breeze (version 1.4.9), with an OData source.

I have defined two entities, that are connected to each other by a navigation property: "Meeting" has children called "Meetingpoints".

In my application, I first want to display a list of meetings (just the titles). If the user clicks on one meeting, however, its full details, along with its Meetingpoints should be displayed in a second widget.

For this, I execute two EntityQuerys:

1) For the overview list, I just fetch all the "Meeting" entities, without expanding its children:


2) For the detail widget, I fetch one "Meeting" and call "expand" on "Meetingpoints".

    .where("Id", "==", someId)

The second query does not work correctly. I'm seeing that the query was somewhat successful, as the expanded "Meetingpoints" are fetched and processed by Breeze. But I am getting:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'entityState' of undefined

This is where the error in breeze.js emerges:

In defaultPropertyInterceptor:

if (newValue != null) {
    var newAspect = newValue.entityAspect;
    if (entityManager) {
        if (newAspect.entityState.isDetached()) {

newAspect is undefined, because newValue is an object with several "Meetingpoints" (all possessing a property entityAspect). entityManager exists, unlike when I clear the cache.

Apparently this is because the "Meeting" I query is already in the breeze cache (due to the first query).

So, as a "workaround", I can clear the cache by calling entityManager.clear(); before I execute the second query. This works, but I want to use the breeze cache and I think this should be possible, as this seems to be a common scenario. Am I missing something here?


@JayTraband Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, the second one got lost.

Some details of our setup, that may be interesting:

We read the data from SharePoint 2013 lists. For that, we use the "Breeze Labs SharePoint 2013 OData DataServiceAdapter" (v.0.2.3).

This is how we define our entity types:

  shortName           : 'MeetingsItem',
  namespace           : 'Microsoft.SharePoint.DataService',
  defaultResourceName : 'Meetings',
  dataProperties      : {
    Id         : { type : api.data.breeze.DataType.Int32 },
    Title      : { nullable : false, maxLength : 255 },
    Gliederung : { nullable : false }
  navigationProperties: {
    Meetingpoints : 'MeetingpointsItem'
  shortName           : 'MeetingpointsItem',
  namespace           : 'Microsoft.SharePoint.DataService',
  defaultResourceName : 'Meetingpoints',
  dataProperties      : {
    Id         : { type : api.data.breeze.DataType.Int32 },
    Title      : { nullable : false, maxLength : 255 },
    Text       : { nullable : false, maxLength : 255 },
    Result     : { maxLength : 255 }
  • Please try a more recent version of Breeze. The latest is 1.4.16. – Jay Traband Aug 7 '14 at 16:02
  • @JayTraband Thanks! I changed to version 1.4.16, but the problem remains the same. – Stefan Aug 8 '14 at 10:30
  • How are MeetingpointsItem related to parent MeetingsItem? There is no FK in your navigation property nor any obvious candidate for an FK in your MeetingpointsItem type. I'm not saying that this is the cause of the problem; but it looks like a problem in its own right. Perhaps more relevant is the nature of newValue. What is it? Breeze clearly is expecting a scalar (single object) entity value and that does not appear to be what you (or the code) are assigning. Not clear to me that SharePoint is the issue here. – Ward Aug 18 '14 at 20:01

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