When I try to run my program, iOS Simulator goes black and displays this error:

Unable to boot the iOS Simulator

Unable to boot the iOS Simulator.

When I click OK, Xcode shows this error:

Unable to run app in Simulator. An error was encountered during running (Domain = NSMachErrorDomain, Code = -300)

Unable to run app in Simulator. An error was encountered while running (Domain = NSMachErrorDomain, Code = -300)

How I can I make it run again?

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You probably are running two different instances of the iOS Simulator.

  1. Clean the project. (CMD+SHIFT+K)
  2. Quit Xcode.
  3. Quit all instances of iOS Simulator.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Log in.
  6. Make sure no instances of iOS Simulator are running (I had a wrong version set to Open At Login)
  7. Run your project, and let Xcode open the right Simulator.

If you've recently updated XCODE and possibly have more than one installation you may need to specify which XCode is being used via the command line.

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode6-Beta4.app/Contents/Developer/

Just Reset Content and Settings worked for me. Also clean the project once and build.

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