I have GlassFish server3.1.2.2 pre installed on my machine. Which I want to use in my Eclipse Luna

How do I manually configure it to use in Eclipse?

When I tried using Eclipse Market Place i got an error No repository found at http://download.oracle.com/otn_software/oepe/luna.

I tried searching through net for which I get pointed to the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) which is of about 485MB.
Is there an another way round for this?

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    it's now at 732MB o_O – zb226 Feb 17 '15 at 13:54
  • fyi as of 2/14/18 eclipse oxygen still will only support versions of GlassFish 3 and 4, so don't bother downloading 5 yet. – JesseBoyd Feb 14 '18 at 14:20

You must use Eclipse WTP (Web Tool Platform), and should use the lastest version is Luna 4.4. Link download: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-java-ee-developers/lunar

Menu Windows\Show view\Other, choose folder Server, click on Servers.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Right click on blank area to use context menu, choose New\Server

enter image description here

Press link "Download additional server adapters"

enter image description here

Choose "GlassFish Tools" from Oracle vendor.

enter image description here

Then, restart Eclipse.


I could fix it using below steps.(GlassFish server3.1.2.2 and eclipse Luna 4.4.1)

  1. Help > Eclipse Marketplace > Search GlassFish > you will see GlassFish Tools > Select appropriate one and install it.
  2. Restart eclipse
  3. Windows > Open Views > Other > Server > Servers > GlassFish 3.1
  4. You will need jdk1.7.0 added to Installed JRE. Close the previous window to take effect of new default jdk1.7.0.

This questions seems a little bit outdated but here is my solution.

I assume that you have already downloaded GlassFish on your hard drive and unzipped the files on a directory.

A - Eclipse MarketPlace / Installing GlassFish Tools

The first thing as it is said on previous answers, you have to downloaded GlassFish Tools from eclipse marketplace;

Help -> EclipseMarket Place

enter image description here

And install GlassFish on the screen below;

enter image description here

B - Adding GlassFish Server

Open Server View, if it is not visible on the bottom of the eclipse, then;

Window -> Show View -> Servers

enter image description here

As the server view is visible, simply click "No servers are available. Click this link to create a new server..." as shown below;

enter image description here

C - Adding GlassFish Server

On the New Server window, select GlassFish as shown below. On my experience, there is only one GlassFish option that I can select, instead of several GlassFish options with versions as you can see down below;

enter image description here

D - Configuring GlassFish & Java Locations

Enter the exact GlassFish location and also Java location as you can see below;

enter image description here

E - Last Step

On the last step of this configuration, just leave everything as it is. For simplicity, I don't define an admin password;

enter image description here

Now everything is all set, hope that this helps!


To use Glassfish tools with Eclipse Luna you need Java 8. I also faced this problem because I had Java 7. If you have Java 7 in your environment then download eclipse Kepler. It will work fine.


I had the same issue. Not able to install neither using Marketplace nor Servers tab.

Following is the alternative.

1) Help -> Install New Software

2) Use url : http://download.oracle.com/otn_software/oepe/ Above is the OEPE tool provided by oracle for EE development.

3) From all the suggestions, select glassfish tools.

4) Install it.

5) Restart eclipse.

Eclipse 4.4.2 Luna JDK : 1.8

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    Updating the info, the URL you mention does not work any longer with STS 4.1.0.RELEASE , instead i recommend you to use the updated URL. – OJVM Jan 25 at 18:49

I had the same problem, to resolve it, go windows -> preferences -> servers and select runtime environment, and now you will see a new window, in the upper right you will see a option: Download additional server adapter, click and install the glassfish server.

  • @user4530877 Thanks for your answer – Arun Feb 6 '15 at 16:57

For Eclipse Mars use the similar approach as harshit.

1) Help -> Install New Software
2) Use url: http://download.oracle.com/otn_software/oepe/mars repository Above is the OEPE tool provided by oracle for EE development.
3) From all the suggestions, select Glassfish Tools, (Oracle Weblogic Server Tools, Oracle Weblogic Scripting Tools, Oracle patches, Oracle Maven Tools).
4) Install it.
5) Restart eclipse

In point 3) are 4 tools are in braces, I don't know minimal combination, but only install Glassfish Tools has no effect.

During restart Oepe ask for Java 8 JDK if Eclipse run on on older version.

Eclipse 4.5.0 Mars JDK : 1.8


For Eclipse Luna

Go to Help>Eclipse MarketPlace> Search for GlassFish Tools and install it.

Restart Eclipse.

Now go to servers>new>server and you will find Glassfish server.

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