I'm using a java application that connects to Websphere MQ. I tried enabling Logging by setting the log level to DEBUG for the package com.ibm.mq. However, it does not log anything. Am I missing something here?

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Could you give a little more background to the issue that you have please?

General approach to debug is





The first thing you need to do is enable logging in your own application and output completion code and reason codes from ALL MQ API calls.

MQ for Java:

catch (MQException e)
   System.err.println("compCode=" +  e.completionCode + " : reasonCode=" + e.reasonCode);

or for JMS applications, retrieve the LinkedException and output the information.

catch (JMSException e)

   if (e.getLinkedException() != null)
      JMSLinkedException jle = new JMSLinkedException(e.getLinkedException());
      System.err.println("compCode=" +  jle.getMQCompletionCode() + " : reasonCode=" + jle.getMQReasonCode());

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