Is there a way to use GetStringWidth on text that has formatting? Right now if I have <b>Jarod</b>, the GetStringWidth treats the tags as if they are text to display and returns the string width including the tags. If I take them out, then the String Width returned is for non-bold text and we know that bold text is bigger than non-formatted text, so I'm trying to figure out how to measure formatted text width in TCPDF. Thanks!

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According TCPDF Doc you can send parameters to the GetStringWidth() function, including font style. In your example:

$text_width = $pdf->GetStringWidth("Text To Be Measured",'','B');
  • This would be much easier and I hadn't seen this before. – j_allen_morris Oct 5 '17 at 16:26

Just figure this out. In TCPDF, we always use SetFont('Times','',12); where we have Font family or name, next is the '' where we can put I or B or U, etc. and then the font size. The problem with GetStringWith that I was having is that I was using the default font setting to measure my font when I needed to measure bold. To the Fix:

//Temporarily set the font to Bold.

//Now measure the text that needs to be measured;

$text_width = $pdf->GetStringWidth("Text To Be Measured");

//Now reset the font back to normal so the rest of the document isn't messed up.


I hope this helps someone else.

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