Is there a way to get the golden ratio, phi, in the standard python module? I know of e and pi in the math module, but I might have missed phi defined somewhere.


scipy.constants defines the golden ratio as scipy.constants.golden. It is nowhere defined in the standard library, presumably because it is easy to define yourself:

golden = (1 + 5 ** 0.5) / 2

There isn't. However, since you are importing math anyway, phi may be calculated the same way pi would be calculated:

>>> import math
>>> pi = 4 * math.atan(1)
>>> pi
>>> math.pi
>>> phi = ( 1 + math.sqrt(5) ) / 2
>>> phi

The reason math has pi and e defined but not phi may be because no one asked for it.

The python math docs says math.pi is "The mathematical constant π = 3.141592..., to available precision". However, you may calculate four times the arc tangent of one and get roughly the same result: pi=4*math.atan(1).

The same could be said about phi, which is not readily available as math.phi but you may find the nearest available precision with the solution to the quadratic equation x² + x -1 = 0: phi=(1+math.sqrt(5))/2.


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