Because Webdriver waits for the entire page to load before going on to the next line, I think disabling images, css and javascript will speed things up.

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.firefox.firefox_profile import FirefoxProfile

def disableImages(self):
    ## get the Firefox profile object
    firefoxProfile = FirefoxProfile()
    ## Disable CSS
    firefoxProfile.set_preference('permissions.default.stylesheet', 2)
    ## Disable images
    firefoxProfile.set_preference('permissions.default.image', 2)
    ## Disable Flash
    ## Set the modified profile while creating the browser object 
    self.browserHandle = webdriver.Firefox(firefoxProfile)

I got the code from stackoverflow Do not want images to load and CSS to render on Firefox in Selenium WebDriver tests with Python

But when I add

driver = webdriver.Firefox()

to the end, it still loads images :/

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Unfortunately the option firefox_profile.set_preference('permissions.default.image', 2) will no longer work to disable images with the latest version of Firefox - [for reason see Alecxe's answer to my question Can't turn off images in Selenium / Firefox ]

The best solution i had was to use the firefox extension quickjava , which amongst other things can disable images- https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/quickjava/

My Python code:

 from selenium import webdriver
 firefox_profile = webdriver.FirefoxProfile()

 firefox_profile.add_extension(folder_xpi_file_saved_in + "\\quickjava-2.0.6-fx.xpi")
 firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.curVersion", "") ## Prevents loading the 'thank you for installing screen'
 firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Images", 2)  ## Turns images off
 firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.AnimatedImage", 2)  ## Turns animated images off

 driver = webdriver.Firefox(firefox_profile)

Other things can also be switched off by adding the lines:

  firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.CSS", 2)  ## CSS
  firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Cookies", 2)  ## Cookies
  firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Flash", 2)  ## Flash
  firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Java", 2)  ## Java
  firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.JavaScript", 2)  ## JavaScript
  firefox_profile.set_preference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Silverlight", 2)  ## Silverlight
  • Interesting Java extension :D never see it.
    – m3nda
    Oct 26, 2015 at 13:10
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    This should be best answer! Thanks, this helped me a lot.
    – Ivan Bilan
    Dec 22, 2015 at 10:22
  • I had to use 2.0.6 version. Last version (2.0.7) raises an AddonFormatError exception. It seems having something to do with the manifest file but both are the same. Mar 17, 2016 at 2:23
  • Setting permissions.default.image works for me on Firefox 66.0.5.
    – Frank
    May 14, 2019 at 18:47
  • I added Image Block X, which works great :) addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-block-x Feb 14, 2020 at 12:46

UPDATE: The answer might not work any longer since permissions.default.image became a frozen setting and cannot be changed. Please try with quickjava extension (link to the answer).

You need to pass firefox_profile instance to the webdriver constructor:

from selenium import webdriver

firefox_profile = webdriver.FirefoxProfile()
firefox_profile.set_preference('permissions.default.stylesheet', 2)
firefox_profile.set_preference('permissions.default.image', 2)
firefox_profile.set_preference('dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.libflashplayer.so', 'false')

driver = webdriver.Firefox(firefox_profile=firefox_profile)


And this is how it would be displayed:

enter image description here

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    This answer unfortunately will no longer work, because firefox won't allow changes to the default.image value any more - thanks to alecxe who pointed me in the right direction - my code to solve is below.
    – kyrenia
    Jul 23, 2015 at 1:26
  • 2
    @kyrenia really? I have Firefox 41 and still does work.
    – m3nda
    Oct 26, 2015 at 13:10
  • 1
    @erm3nda - was certainly a problem I was experiencing around July [2015], which would have probably been Firefox 39 - if no longer applies, then disabling via firefox_profile.set_preference('permissions.default.image', 2) is obviously a cleaner solution.
    – kyrenia
    Oct 26, 2015 at 20:41
  • Because it's obvious, i commented it... some lazy reader can think that using a extension it's better without even try it ;P
    – m3nda
    Oct 27, 2015 at 18:12

The accepted answer doesn't work for me either. From the "reason" links referred by kyrenia I gathered that Firefox overrides the "permissions.default.image" preference on the first startup and I was able to prevent that by doing:

# Arbitrarily high number
profile.set_preference('browser.migration.version', 9001)

Which seems to be ok since I create the profile on each driver startup so there is nothing to actually be migrated.


I understand this is a question, but it helped me with facebook/php-webdriver. (First result in search engine for php webdriver disable javascript)

I thought I'd post my code (altered version of @kyrenia answer for ) to help others get up and running.

Install Everything

  1. Download and install facebook/php-webdriver. composer require facebook/webdriver

  2. Download Selenium & Start it. java -jar selenium-server-standalone-#.jar

  3. Download Quick Java and place it into your project directory.


use Facebook\WebDriver\Firefox\FirefoxProfile;
use Facebook\WebDriver\Firefox\FirefoxDriver;
use Facebook\WebDriver\Remote\DesiredCapabilities;
use Facebook\WebDriver\Remote\RemoteWebDriver;

// Change this to the path of you xpi
$extensionPath = $this->container->getParameter('kernel.root_dir').'/../bin/selenium/quickjava-2.0.6-fx.xpi';

// Build our firefox profile
$profile = new FirefoxProfile();
$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.curVersion', '');
$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Images', 2);
$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.AnimatedImage', 2);
$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.CSS', 2);
//$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Cookies', 2);
$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Flash', 2);
$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Java', 2);
//$profile->setPreference('thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.JavaScript', 2);
$profile->setPreference("thatoneguydotnet.QuickJava.startupStatus.Silverlight", 2);

// Create DC
$dc = DesiredCapabilities::firefox();
$dc->setCapability(FirefoxDriver::PROFILE, $profile);

// Create our new driver
$driver = RemoteWebDriver::create($host, $dc);

// The HTML Source code
$html = $driver->getPageSource();

// Firefox should be open and you can see no images or css was loaded

View more preference settings here: https://github.com/ThatOneGuyDotNet/QuickJava/blob/master/defaults/preferences/defaults.js

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