What are first steps creating a loadable DLL module extension for PHP to create native support for my own library on Windows?

Would it require re-compiling PHP on windows? What are the tools needed? I don't want to have to use exec and the command line.


Q. Would it require re-compiling PHP on windows?
A. Not necessarily, but it is the simplest way.

The command line is your best friend (apple, after years of GUI improved MACOS by ... readding the shell back)

I would try the following:

A. Setup a mingw-msys build system on win.
B. Follow PHP Extension Manual:
1. Download PHP Source code
2. Build PHP for Extension Development using the above MSYS
3. Generate a extension skeleton using ext_skel your extension will reside in ext/ directory
4. Edit the config.w32 (is a javascript macro system for Makefile generation similar to m4)
Continue by following these:

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    That's totally wrong. mingw will not work, it relies on VC6 crt which we don't support anymore. Also the compiler itself is not supported. – Pierre Jul 8 '11 at 17:28
  • there is a windows platform php ( see windows.php.net ) – dan_l May 17 '12 at 2:52

See for the basic steps to compile PHP or PHP extensions:


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