I'm running a web service on serverA:8890, this includes the regular HTTP service and websocket services. I'm trying to set up the SSH port forwarding from serverB to serverA, so I can access the ServerA's service through SSH tunnel.

Here is my command: "ssh -f user@serverA -i user.pem -L 2000:serverB:8890 -N"

When I connect to ServerB:2000, I can see all the regular web services, but the websocket part is not working.

Any idea how to solve this?



I believe your tunnel needs to be:

ssh -f user@serverA -i user.pem -L 2000:serverA:8890 -N

  • wooooohoooooooo thought I was the only one with the issue ssh -f user@serverA -i user.pem -L 2000:serverA:8890 -N should be marked as the accepted answer. thank you so much @Greg Bell – Dev Mehta Sep 1 '16 at 3:54

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