I have to fit an iframe in screen height. Obviously, I wanted 100% as in width but, since that doesn't work, I used 100vh. But vh like vw is not exactly 100%. In my laptop through chrome while the 100% width renders perfectly without the need for a horizontal scroll bar, vw has about a centimeter extra.


vw and vh stand for viewport width and viewport height respectively.

The difference between using width: 100vw instead of width: 100% is that while 100% will make the element fit all the space available, the viewport width has a specific measure, in this case the width of the available screen, including the document margin.

If you set the style body { margin: 0 }, 100vw should behave the same as 100%.

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    Also note thet width: 100% is relative to it's first parent with a layout. So if you have an element with width:100% inside another element that has a specific width, the child element will only take up the total width of that parent. – Reinier Kaper Nov 14 '14 at 21:59
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    I just noticed that setting an element to be 100vw can cause a horizontal scrollbar to appear when a vertical scrollbar is visible. According to Can I use, only Firefox exhibits correct behavior by subtracting the scrollbar width from 100vw. For every other browser, you will need to use 100% instead. – Nolonar Oct 11 '16 at 10:02
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    This is (now?) incorrect. The current editor draft docs state that viewport lengths must ignore scrollbars and MDN additionally documents that this is only with overflow: auto; if overflow is set to scroll (with scrollbars always visible) then viewport lengths do respect them (didn't see it in the draft myself). 100% references the parent element not the viewport, and as such does not ignore scrollbars in any case. – Kissaki Jun 2 '18 at 14:09
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    As far as I can see the differentiation on margins is incorrect. When I set a child to 100% width or 100vw width and add and remove a margin from the body they behave the same way. – Kissaki Jun 2 '18 at 14:15
  • "100vw should behave the same as 100%.", not if there is a scroll bar to the right. – Metatron5 Feb 7 at 15:21

Havengard's answer doesn't seem to be strictly true. I've found that vw fills the viewport width, but doesn't account for the scrollbars. So, if your content is taller than the viewport (so that your site has a vertical scrollbar), then using vw results in a small horizontal scrollbar. I had to switch out width: 100vw for width: 100% to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar.

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