I'm using Eclipse Luna, working on a big project, I got a new part of it, and it has something written in C++11

I tried to add to Properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > GCC C++ Compiler > Miscellaneous > Other Flags: -std=c++11

When I try to build project, I get error: unrecognized option '-std=c++11'

  • What version of GCC are you using? Pre version 4.7 the option was -std=c++0x. – Jackson Aug 10 '14 at 6:57
  • I'm using Mingw GCC++ 4.8.1 – Ricsie Aug 10 '14 at 7:21

I found the answer on eclipse Documentation: http://wiki.eclipse.org/CDT/User/FAQ#CDT_does_not_recognize_C.2B.2B11_features

Since Eclipse Luna, it cant be set with flags, but rather use Dialect option and also include it in Configure workspace settings

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