Why does this line return null in my live server?


The live server is php5.5.9

Have I missed something?

I thought it is used to replace the global method below?


some of the code,

public function __construct()
        // Construct other generic data.
        $this->clientRequestMethod = filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'method'); // such as list, add, update, etc
        $this->clientPostMethod = filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'method'); // such as update
        $this->serverRequestMethod = filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, 'REQUEST_METHOD'); //such as get or post

    public function processEntry()

        // Determine the $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] whether it is post or get.
        if ($this->serverRequestMethod === 'POST' && $this->clientPostMethod != null) 
        else if($this->serverRequestMethod === 'GET' && $this->clientRequestMethod != null) 
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    If you're not applying a filter, why use filter_input() at all?
    – user1864610
    Aug 10 '14 at 21:02
  • 1
    Doc says it returns "NULL if the [...] variable is not set", also see this comment
    – kero
    Aug 10 '14 at 21:02
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    He has set the variable name to 'REQUEST_METHOD', and filtering is optional, so I am also curious why this doesn't work
    – Ortix92
    Aug 10 '14 at 21:03
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    @birdspider I get the data if I use $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] but not filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, 'REQUEST_METHOD')
    – Run
    Aug 11 '14 at 12:49
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    this might be a long standing php bug bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=49184 - could not find a reference for it beeing fixed
    – birdspider
    Aug 11 '14 at 13:04

So the problem/bug is this:

filter_input() doesn't work with INPUT_SERVER or INPUT_ENV when you use FASTCGI

The bug has been known for years and I found nothing saying it was addressed. I found several work-arounds but no complete solution so I plopped the best work-around into this helper function for a project-wide solution. To provide some level of security and avoid train wrecks, the function falls back to filter_var() where filter_input() fails. It uses the same format as the native filter_input() function for easy integration into projects and easy future removal should the bug ever be fixed.

function filter_input_fix ($type, $variable_name, $filter = FILTER_DEFAULT, $options = NULL )
    $checkTypes =[

    if ($options === NULL) {
        // No idea if this should be here or not
        // Maybe someone could let me know if this should be removed?
        $options = FILTER_NULL_ON_FAILURE;

    if (in_array($type, $checkTypes) || filter_has_var($type, $variable_name)) {
        return filter_input($type, $variable_name, $filter, $options);
    } else if ($type == INPUT_SERVER && isset($_SERVER[$variable_name])) {
        return filter_var($_SERVER[$variable_name], $filter, $options);
    } else if ($type == INPUT_ENV && isset($_ENV[$variable_name])) {
        return filter_var($_ENV[$variable_name], $filter, $options);
    } else {
        return NULL;

This seems the best solution. Please let me know if it contains errors that might cause issues.


I had the same problem where it was working on my local machine (OSX Mavericks, PHP version 5.4.24) and not on my live server (Cent OS 5). I upgraded the server from 5.3.9 to 5.5.15 (and added the mb and mcrypt functions although that's probably irrelevant) and now it works.

This probably isn't helpful if you're on a shared host but you could ask them if they can rebuild PHP/Apache.


I was having the same issue in my XAMPP localhost as well and was looking for solutions madly. What I ended up with, it is a known PHP bug for this function if you are running the PHP in FCGI mode (FCGI/PHP 5.4 in my case). I was confirmed going through this link.

The workaround I used is to filter_var($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'], FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING) but this is not an alternative of filter_input. filter_input is more secure.

  • I don't think it matters if a PHP script is run as an AJAX request or normal page load. In any case the $_SERVER or $_POST/$_GET/$_REQUEST act as same. So in PHP scripts that you are calling via AJAX, you can use filter_input for POST/GET and filter_var for $_SERVER. Feb 22 '16 at 13:13
  • Yes you are right, I'm sorry. I had an error in my script and that's why it seemed like I couldn't access the POST data. Thanks for replying. Feb 22 '16 at 15:27

FastCGI seems to cause strange side-effects with unexpected null values when using INPUT_SERVER and INPUT_ENV with this function. You can use this code to see if it affects your server.

If you want to be on the safe side, using the superglobal $_SERVER and $ENV variables will always work. You can still use the filter* functions for Get/Post/Cookie without a problem, which is the important part!

Source: http://php.net/manual/es/function.filter-input.php#77307


I solve it changing my php.ini from:

variables_order = "GPCS"


variables_order = "GPCSE"

By default PHP wasn't registering the environment variables, so this change enabled them. The interesting is that the INPUT_SERVER variables came back to work too!

Just two addiotional informations, i am using PHP 7.0.13 and as said in other answers, this issue is related to a PHP bug.

Another option is use the following:


My personal solution was to change filter_input to filter_var :

With filter_input (not working on a Siteground shared hosting):


With filter_var (now it works on Siteground)


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