I am new to Golang, and trying to run a command from the following package:


The command proposed in the Quick Start section of the package is:

growforest -train train.fm -rfpred forest.sf -target B:FeatureName

but I am not sure how to use the command.

I have cloned the package on my D drive, and tried running it in Ms-dos window and get an error:

d:\DATA-SCIENCE\Go>go run growforest -train train.fm -rfpred forest.sf -target B:FeatureName
go run: no go files listed

I also tried running the command inside a go file, but that doesn't work either:

package main

import (

func main() {
    growforest -train train.fm -rfpred forest.sf -target B:FeatureName

Can anyone help me understand how this is supposed to be used?


You need to install the package first

go install

Then the growforest command will be available in your GOPATH\bin (which should be part of your PATH environment variable)

Ideally, you should do a go get github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest, which will clone and build and install the repo in GOPATH/src/github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest.
See "Download and install packages and dependencies".

From the README, you need to install specific parts of the project:

go get github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest
go install github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest/growforest
go install github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest/applyforest

#optional utilities
go install github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest/leafcount
go install github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest/utils/nfold
go install github.com/ryanbressler/CloudForest/utils/toafm
  • Thank you. I was missing the GOPATH\bin part. – tucson Aug 11 '14 at 8:47

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