C++11 has a feature called "inline namespaces", which allows authors to enforce ABI compatibility at link time without tampering with the API. For instance, these helpful answers from @HowardHinnant explain how libc++ uses inline namespaces:

My question is: Does boost make use of this C++11 feature? It looks like some boost devs were at least thinking of eventually using it at one point. But that thread is pretty old. Did it ever happen? If so, does apply to all boost libraries, or only a subset?

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    grep "inline namespace" might be useful here.
    – Ross Ridge
    Aug 11, 2014 at 16:20

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Some libraries have started to use it, but not all. For example this is in Boost.Log:

//! NOTE: I've reformatted this to look cleaner.
    inline namespace BOOST_LOG_VERSION_NAMESPACE {}

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