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I have a simple question about client-server , please help me to solved it :

Assume that I have :

  • Server A (Using apache http server )
  • Web application B ( Also using another apache http server)
  • A and B is located on the same machine

If on local browser , I access to a page from B ,and this page send a request to A :

$.ajax { url: localhost:8080/service_from_A,..}

It's work nomarly

And on browser from another machine I access to page from B ,and now ,the ajax request is failed because url is localhost of another machine

So , how can I access from another machine with above ajax calling (url still is localhost )then it could be exactly redirect server A . I do not want to fix IP address in ajax call

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On the computer running your Apache servers, get it's local IP address. For a Windows computer, you'd open up cmd.exe and type in


Then look for something that says "Wireless Adapter" if you're using a wireless connection or "Ethernet Adapter" if it's wired. Now look for the part that says "IPv4 Address" and read what's next to that.

I'm going to be assuming your local IPv4 address is

In your AJAX script, replace "localhost" or "" with the IP address of your server host computer, in this case: "".

Once you've done that, try connecting a computer that's on the same LAN (Local Area Network) as your host computer using the IP address of the host. To allow a computer from a different LAN to connect to your server, you need to do something called port forwarding.

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