I am trying to backup a SQL Server 2008 R2 database, name of the database is test.

I am using the following PowerShell script but I get an error message that database does not exist, but I can see the test database and tables and I can query it.

Backup-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance testpc-001\SQLEXPRESS -Database test -BackupAction   

and if I try an edit the above script using

$date = Get-Date -Format yyyyMMddHHmmss
$dbname = 'test'
Backup-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance SQLEXPRESS -Database $dbname -BackupFile   

I am getting an error failed to connect to SQLEXPRESS

  • can some one help on this please – user3770612 Aug 12 '14 at 11:55
  • Are you using SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication for the connection? – Dave Mason Aug 12 '14 at 14:04
  • i am using windows authentication – user3770612 Aug 12 '14 at 16:03
  • I see connection parameters ServerInstance and Database. You would also need to indicate that you're using Windows Authentication for you connection. I don't see that anywhere. For instance, an ODBC connection string would include "Trusted_Connection=yes;" to indicate Windows Authentication. – Dave Mason Aug 12 '14 at 17:25
  • i am not sure how to do that , can you please try to modify my script , really appreciated – user3770612 Aug 13 '14 at 8:56
$date = Get-Date -Format yyyyMMddHHmmss
$dbname = 'test'
Backup-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance testpc-001\SQLEXPRESS  -Database $dbname -BackupFile   

there was a typo in the -ServerInstance parameter

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