I apologize for the stupid question. I encountered the following problem: I must copy java-code from site to Eclipse, where each line began with it's number, for example:

49     try {
50              Object[] args = new Object[] { null, b, new Integer(0),
51                      new Integer(b.length) };
52              clazz = (Class) method.invoke(loader, args);
53          } finally {
54              method.setAccessible(false);
55          }
56          return clazz;
57     }

but Eclipse, of course, doesn't recognize this code. And I'm tired of manually delete numbers. Does Anybody Know how to automate this process?;)

  • You're code makes absolutely so sense
    – mrres1
    Aug 12, 2014 at 12:39

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you can simply copy and paste then use vertical selection (default: alt+shift+A) in eclipse

  • Didn't know this awesome feature before. Would certainly have saved me some wear and tear on my keyboard. Aug 12, 2014 at 12:27

You can also use the find-replace feature.

Just do CTRLF on the editor, in the "find" input, write


And in the "replace" input field write


Then check the "Regular expression" checkbox, and click "replace all"


There's a multi-selection option (multiple lines).

It's an icon in the toolbar under the menu.

The Windows shortcut is Alt + Shift + A


sortcut for part selection


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