I cannot share on my google drive. I've tried all the usual stuff (turning it off and on again, clearing cashe, cookies etc.), and all I get is the message 'Sorry, sharing is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.'

No ideas of how to go about this.

Any ideas?


Clearing cookies and browsing history fixed this for me.


For sure it is something to do with browser settings, I would suggest upload your docs via laptop or desktop and you can later share it from mobile device. This is not the actual solution but a work around. Hope this will help.

  1. Try with another browser to see if it works.

    if YES: clear all the cookies and history of the browser you're using now and check again.

    if NO: something might be wrong with your google account settings. (Try another account on the same computer.)


For the Google doc giving this error, {simply closing its web browser tab then reopening it (in the same browser including profile)} cleared up this error & others in my fix result P2IK6O(internal id) of my 1 of 1 case so far of this seemingly very rare error, a solution inspired by the other 3 answers on this page (thanks) and suggesting this was from some rare bug in Chrome and/or Google doc/Drive sharing.

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