Assume that I have have the following branches


Now I would like push all branches located in refs/heads/features/* to another remote (which I have already configured) so they end up on the remote with the same names. But I don´t want to x and y. Is that possible and if yes how do I do the same thing for tags?

I know git push --all can be used but its not quite what I am looking for.


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You can configure the refspec with a glob.

git push <remote_name> 'refs/heads/features/*:refs/heads/features/*'

If you want all of the branches to be force pushed then prepend the refspec with a +. If you want to configure always pushing that refspec for the specific remote by default then you can configure it in the local .git/config with the following command.

git config --add remote.<remote_name>.push 'refs/heads/features/*:refs/heads/features/*'

Now when git push <remote_name> is used without additional arguments, it will use that refspec by default.

Again, here's an example of pushing to the remote with force pushing, instead.

git push <remote_name> '+refs/heads/features/*:refs/heads/features/*'

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