I'd like to programatically select a row in my NSTableView, with just one column.

func selectColumnIndexes(_ indexes: NSIndexSet!,
    byExtendingSelection extend: Bool)

I have been playing around with this, but I am not sure how to write "Select row #2".
Do I have to start with the variable connected to the @IBOutlet of my Table View? I have to indicate it is about my NSTableView somehow.


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@Isaiah answer in Swift 3.0:

.selectRowIndexes(NSIndexSet(index: 0) as IndexSet, byExtendingSelection: false)

Okay, I've got it. It turned out to be

@IBOutlet weak var NoteTableView: NSTableView!
NoteTableView.selectRowIndexes(NSIndexSet(index: 0), byExtendingSelection: false)

I couldn't quite figure out the part with NSIndexSet. I was fiddling around with init(), which turned out to be unnecessary.


Swift 4 Solution

I created an extension to make a little easier to do this. Also if you implemented a click action on the table view cell this will invoke it as well

extension NSTableView {
    func selectRow(at index: Int) {
        selectRowIndexes(.init(integer: index), byExtendingSelection: false)
        if let action = action {

/// USAGE:
NSTableView().selectRow(at: 0)

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